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Max Frimout
Son Du Nord

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A1 Max Frimout - 4004

A2 Max Frimout - Calculated Hymn

A3 Max Frimout - Fat Man's Bribe

B1 Max Frimout - Drums by Chance

B2 Max Frimout - Goeie

B3 Max Frimout - Lethargy

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Artist: Max Frimout
Title: Son Du Nord
Label: Structured Records
Catalogue: X-TRCTRD01
Artwork Design: Luisa Tovar
Photography: Kiko R-D

Directed by: Oriol Albesa & Kiko R-D
Contemporary dancer: Laia

X-TRUCTURED is the new variant inside of the record label, created to promote a different musical line, further from techno and closer to a more experimental wave. The releases will be introduced through a limited edition format (cassette) and digital. It will be available from 1st of March on every digital platform

X-TRCTRD01, Son Du Nord – Max Frimout is the first reference of the new label X-TRUCTURED produced by Max Frimout, Dutch composer with a physical energy experience. His methods for the musical production include the modular analog synthesis, field recording, algorithmic composition, acoustic instrument digital processing and more. He makes live texture works and techno sets in a full modular environment.

Like a northern wind, this sound comes to make the weakest uncomfortable and feel alive to the most adapted. For all those who experiment with noise as a new way of contra-meditation, where the noise, throughout the over saturation of information to the brain, makes you disconnect and feel alive.

We bring you this continued history on cassette that count with different sound atmospheres coming from the modular synthesis, field recording and code programmation.

From the noise to the percusion by casuality, finishing with the less obvious melody, which catches and satisfies this adapted audience that is able to understand the 6 cuts of this EP.


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