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Matter & Mind


01. Irrational Language - Intromorfosis

02. Irrational Language - Druida

03. Irrational Language - Destined To Extintion

04. Irrational Language - Monster In The Garden

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12″ vinyl 180 gr. written by Irrational Language.
Mastered by Koschitzky-Mastering.
Bonus inside with Digital tracks

Four tracks from pure personal expression. ‘A’ face begins with an “Intromorfosis”, an intro with a smooth decay to focus the listener to whats coming next. Brings feelings and expression from the artists, rebelliousness and political reasoning. From the latin word ‘morfosis’, you can be aware of the current social situation of regressive changes. Second track, ‘Druida’, total body music, techno driven to break beats, together with metal synths and pads.

On the other hand, on ‘B’ face, the artist brings out cruelty and darkness side from Nodrize’s spaceship, how i define the musical journey in the career of our artists, that also gives name to his Label.
‘Destined to Extinction’, distortion, metal, synthes out of tone, keeping the power during the whole track, exalting the break rhythmic drums to result in an excellent piece for the dance floor. As last, the garden’s monster from Irrational Language, it shows a soundscape with different passages, that split the animal side and the acid line to end together in a brutal end.

An Ep that defines the sound from Structured for this first release, and that will definitely work on different dance floors around the world.

Supported by:
Adam X, Helena Hauff, Dasha Rush, Paula Temple, Rory St John, Lars Huismann, Abstract Division, Angel Molina, Kwartz, Joton, Swarm Intelligence, Gotshell, Coefficient, Motzler, Kotec, Orde Meikle (SLAM), Ocktawian, Bernardo Hangar, Stefano Lotti, Ronze, Sarf, Drop-E, Nöle, CODE 701, Monocraft, Aurelio Cianciotta, Olliver Fandino, Fon, Rob Hall, JoyB…


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